Report Card

Areas of Primary Focus

1. Update the 2003 Comprehensive Plan to help guide our future growth;  identify, study and prioritize those areas in need of update.In process     
2. Pursue a community microgrid to address energy resiliency, the use of renewable resources, and to promote the economic vitality and historic character of our downtown. A microgrid is a network of underground electric distribution lines that connect together critical facilities while locally generating enough power to satisfy a majority of the grid’s demand.Done - Not feasible     
3. Complete necessary repair and restoration work on the Irvington Town Hall.In process
4. Complete the current Main Street Streetscape projects (Aqueduct Crossing, Town Hall Theater Plaza, installation of Main Street benches).In process
5. Complete a comprehensive restructuring of all parking regulations in the downtown area and provide improved signage. In process
6. Establish guidelines for solar panel installations.Done
7. Complete collective bargaining agreements with the Police and CSEA unions.CSEA done - PBA in process
8. Continue to support local property owners throughout the revaluation process. Done
9. Publicize the new regulations concerning In-Law Suites and Accessory Apartments. In process

  Ongoing Initiatives

1. Complete the review of the Irvington Historic District Guide & Recommendations developed by our Historic District Committee and our consultant. Pursue appropriate, specific legislation and preservation measures. Implement a public education effort on tax and business advantages available in the District and seek grant opportunities for its development.Done
2. Review the Historic District Committee’s draft of a Local Landmarks law.In process
3. Continue efforts, such as Slow Down Irvington and Walk Safe Irvington, focused on improving traffic and pedestrian safety through education, physical changes to roads, sidewalks and paths and the enforcement of these initiatives.In process
4. Revise the sign code to reflect practical corrections and clarifications.In process
5. Address spatial constraints at the Irvington Fire House and the DPW facility.In process
6. Continue land use and infrastructure projects:
Revise the zoning map to allow for the construction of a parking lot adjacent to the Stanford White building (50 South Buckhout Street). In process
Complete the installation of enhanced crosswalks at Broadway/Heritage Hill and Broadway/Main Street intersections. In process
Work with Mercy College and Metro-North to complete the installation of a sidewalk on Hudson Road West. In process
Replace and expand the Barney Brook culvert where it crosses beneath Station Road. In process
Complete the replacement of curbs and drainage in Hudson View Park. Done
Complete the acquisition of open space at the end of Hermit’s Road. Done
Research and enact rock chipping regulations. Done
7. Implement improved security in Village buildings and facilities. In process
8. Upgrade all Village computers and e-mail system for greater security and archiving. Done
9. Implement a redesign and upgrade of the Village’s web site. In process
10. Review and enhance Village emergency preparedness.In process
11. Expand the use of the renovated Tiffany Reading Room and the Irvington-Hudson River Tiffany Trail on-line resource.In process