Food Scrap Recycling

Check out the GPTF News Flash page for an update on Food Scrap Recycling Locations during COVID-19.

The Village of Irvington is participating in Greenburgh’s food scrap recycling program through the village’s all-volunteer Green Policy Task Force. Also, check out the History: Food Scrap Program subpage for additional information on Greenburgh’s Food Scrap Recycling Initiative.

Which Food Scraps Can Be Recycled?

All food scraps, including but not limited to meat, bones, dairy, fish, fruit, vegetables, bread, pasta, cooked food, leftover food, pizza box etc. will be accepted. The collected food scraps will then be transferred to a commercial composting facility  to be recycled into nutrient-rich compost.

How Does It Work Flyer

Get Your Compost Storage Kit!

Complete compost storage kits (kitchen counter caddie, roll of plant-based liner bags, and a larger locking bulk transporter) are available for $20 in the Village Administrator’s office in Village Hall, or sometimes at the GPTF table during Farmers Market hours (please bring cash or check).


Please use only compostable bags (not plastic or “bio-degradable” bags) for your scraps. Additional bags are available at the GPTF’s Farmer’s Market table, Irvington Village Hall, or at Anthony F Veteran Park in Hartsdale (Greenburgh). Cost is $2 for a roll of 25 bags.

Un-bagged food scraps will also be accepted at the drop off.

To reduce odors, we recommend saving meat, fish, and bone leftovers in your freezer until ready to transfer to the Farmers Market.

Please - no plastic bags, rubber bands, twist ties or wires. Only food scraps, paper towel and napkins.

Read the Food Scrap Recycling flyer (PDF) for more information and suggestions.

Winter Food Scraps Collection at Main Street School

Where Can I Take My Food Scraps?

For your convenience, the Irvington Green Policy Task Force is collecting food scraps right here in Irvington at the Farmers Market at Main Street School! Green Policy Task Force volunteers will collect the food scraps in large bins which are then transported along with food scraps from Main Street School to the processing center in Ulster.

The Irvington Farmers Market runs on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month from 9am-1:00pm during the winter (Dec thru April), and then weekly every Sunday during the Summer and Fall. (Please see the Irvington Farmer’s Market page for current schedule details.)

We Can Help!

If you cannot bring your food scraps to the Irvington Farmers Market, here is a list of locations and hours of other drop off sites. If you are unable to drop off, we may be able to connect you to others in Irvington who can take your food scraps. Email us to discuss possibilities.