Off-Main Street Zoning Committee

Off Main Street Zoning Committee Mission Statement

The OMSZC was established by the Board of Trustees to investigate the unusually high levels of non-conformance for properties located within the Village's downtown 2F residential district. The Committee’s goals were established by the Board as follows:

  • Investigate and propose ways to increase the level of conformance within the district in question
  • Ensure that the distinct character of the district is and continues to be protected, maintained and preserved.

Irvington's Existing Downtown 2F District: A Brief Summary 

  • The Downtown 2F District compromises the residential neighborhoods north and south of Main Street and includes the following streets: South Buckhout, the east side of North Buckhout, Cottenet, Dutcher, Eckar, Ferris, Grinnell, Home Place, Croton Place, and South Dearman. Additionally, the Main Street School building and grounds are included in the 2F zone. The 2F District does not include properties located in Barney or Jaffray Park. You can see a zoning map outlining the area (PDF).
  • The area was originally mapped and auctioned as a series of (roughly) 25 by 100 foot lots in 1850 by Franklin Field. View a map of the original subdivisions (PDF) (pdf scanned from Wolfert's Roost, Third Edition, Washington Irving Press)
  • Currently of the 152 existing lots, fewer than 7 are in conformance with the Village Zoning for this district, putting the district's non-conformance at over 95%. You can see an aerial map of the district (PDF) showing the conforming lots.

Final Report

On August 28, 2008, the Committee released the final report to the Board of Trustees.
Off Main Street Zoning Committee Final Report 8-28-2008 (PDF) (PDF)

The Committee is scheduled to present the final report to the Board of Trustees at a worksession to be held on September 10, 2008 at 7:30pm in the Irvington Village Hall meeting room.