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Building Department

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1. What needs a permit?

Green Policy Task Force

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1. My Leaves: How do I Love ‘Em and Leave ‘Em?
2. Are leaves a valuable resource?
3. Where can I find out more about mulching my fall leaves?
4. Where can I find out more about home composting?

Public Works

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1. How do I dispose of Paint?
2. How do I dispose of batteries?
3. How do I dispose of motor oil?
4. How should I dispose of my cell phone?
5. How should I dispose of compressed gas cylinders? – e.g., helium & oxygen tanks, propane BBQ tanks
6. How do I dispose of household appliances?
7. How should I dispose of a television or computer monitor?
8. How do I report that a street light is out at night or on during the day?
9. Does the Village have Bulk Pickup Days for larger items like furniture?
10. I am doing alterations-renovations on my house. Will the Village Sanitation Crews pick up this type of debris?
11. I just finished clearing my driveway after the snowstorm and the Village Public Works plow truck came by and now I am
12. There is a dead animal in my backyard. Will the Public Works Department take it away?

Tree Preservation Commission FAQ

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1. What trees on my property require Tree Removal Permits?

Water and Sewer

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1. Is my water meter my responsibility?
2. If I have a sewer stoppage, at what point is it the village’s problem?
3. What is the hardness of Irvington Village water?
4. Is there fluoride in our water?
5. What type of treatment does our water get?
6. What are some steps I can take to conserve?
7. My last water bill was high and I don't understand where the water is going?
8. My water softner/filter is not working correctly