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November 6, 2012

Power Restoration in Irvington

I will start with the positives: The amount of customers without power in Irvington was down to 574 customers this morning from 690 customers out of power on Sunday night.  This includes restoration to Bridge Street Properties, by far our largest commercial area, employing 700 workers in 62 companies.  Additionally, all of our roads are clear, our schools and polling places are all powered for Election Day.  The last bit of positive news was that Irvington was assigned a restoration crew consisting of five bucket trucks for today. 

That there are still 574 customers without power, eight days after a storm, is totally unacceptable.  The Village Administrator, the Police Chief, the Superintendent of Public Works and I have all told numerous officials at various levels of Con Edison this fact.  We have not always been constrained, we have tried to remain professional, but we have heard your frustration and it had to be shared with the people causing it.  We have learned that, as a municipality, we have very little influence on Con Edison, at least during a disaster as large in scale as Sandy.    We cannot direct them to individual locations or, frankly, make them show up in Irvington at all. What we can do is assist them and provide them with as much information as we can on outages.  We have been doing this for days, besides trying to fight for crews as hard as we can.

Unfortunately, as of this evening I cannot provide you with any detailed information of what restoration work, if any, will be performed in Irvington tomorrow.  I will find out tomorrow morning around 9:00am if we are getting crews and, hopefully, where they will be assigned.  I will send an e-mail as well as post an update on the Village’s Facebook page when we have the information on restoration for Wednesday.

If you are still without power and are looking for a place to stay, please contact me at There have been numerous residents that have offered extra rooms to residents that need to find warm locations to sleep.  Additionally, there are still shelters available in Greenburgh, so I can provide you with that information as well.


Luckily, power was restored to all polling places in Irvington.  Hopefully you have already voted, but if you have not, you have until 9pm.  You can find your polling place by going to the county website:

Final thought

I know some of you believed that being the mayor of Irvington was a full-time job and were disappointed when you came to Village Hall to see me this week, only to find out that I was not there.   Unfortunately being mayor is not a full-time job and my contact number is my personal cell phone.  The best way to get in touch with me is via email at .   In the last week I have received so many phone calls that I simply have not been able to return them all.  I have tried my best to keep up with returning phone calls and emails but it is not always possible.  If you were one of the residents that felt ignored, I apologize.  Please contact me again. 

Brian C. Smith