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April 5, 2016

Two important updates on tonight’s meeting with Greenburgh officials to discuss the reassessment: the time has been moved up to 6:30pm and the location has been moved to the meeting room upstairs at the Senior Center at Scenic Hudson Park at 29 Bridge Street.  We plan to webcast and archive the meeting for later viewing.

I think it is important to explain that the purpose of tonight’s meeting is to obtain a better understanding of the process, methodology and impacts of the reassessment.  Supervisor Feiner will also explain his work in finding possible mitigations for residents facing large tax increases. It is NOT the forum to discuss individual valuations or issues with individual valuations.  If you have an issue with your individual valuation, please set up an appointment to discuss it with Tyler by calling (800) 273-8605.  

If you would like to submit a question for tonight’s meeting, I would be happy to forward them to Supervisor Feiner in advance. I am looking forward to a respectful, intelligent and productive dialogue tonight.

Brian C. Smith