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Registered Landscapers
To register, download the Registration Form and bring to the Clerk's office in the Irvington Village Hall. For additional details about Landscaper Registration, read the Local Law.

Below is a list of Registered Landscapers as of June 30, 2018:

A Vulpone Landscaping, Inc.
ADM Gardening LLC
Aesthetic Landscape Care
AJT Landscape Home Improvement
Alno Gedney Farms
Bartlett Tree Experts
CB Mills, Inc.
DeSouza Landscaping
Edvin Construction & Landscaping
Gomes Landscaping, LTD
Hudson Landscape Contractors & Tree Care Specialists, Inc.
Joseph Calautti Inc. 
JP Quality Landscaping, Inc.
JS Cutting Edge Landscaping
Land Productions, Inc.
Levi’s Landscaping
Luis Urgiles
M. Carbillano Landscaping & Design
Mariano Pansarella & Sons Landscaping LLC
Marroquin Landscaping
N & O Lawn Care, Inc.
Nature’s Cradle Nursery & Landscape Design
NOE Landscaping
Omega Landscaping
Professional Lawn Care
Roberto V. Silva Landscaping
Svensson Design & Construction, LLC
T & T Landscaping Corp.
T & T Landscaping Corp.
Those Guys Landscaping
Trapletti Landscaping
V. Civitano Landscaping, Ltd.
Vittorio Magnoli
Westover Landscape Design