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Forms and Applications
Clerk-Treasurer Documents
To view or print a document, select from the links below. 

Commuter Parking Permit Application
Use this permit application for the Ardsley-on-Hudson station, Aqueduct, South Buckhout Street and E. Sunnyside Lane parking lots. File in the Village Clerk-Treasurer's office. 

Handbill Permit Application
Must be filed with the Village Clerk-Treasurer prior to placing any advertising or signage on display in public locations such as telephone poles. Permit is free. 

Home Office Census Form
Must be filed with the Village Clerk-Treasurer prior to establishing a home office in a single family residential zone. No fee is associated with the filing of this form. However, specific requirements for home offices are set forth in the Village Code (Zoning Chapter). 

No Solicitation Form
Form that may be filed with the Village Clerk-Treasurer to be included on a list maintained by the Village. The list is given to all solicitors when a solicitation permit is issued. The solicitor may voluntarily avoid soliciting at any address placed on the list. 

Residential Parking Permit Application
Permits are available to residents within the Main Street neighborhood and generally allow for on-street parking in excess of the posted hourly limits. 

Voter Registration Form
Register to vote for all Village, Town, School, County, and National elections. File this form with the Westchester County Board of Elections. 

Zoning Board Application Form
File this form with the Village Clerk/Treasurer to appeal the decision of the Building Inspector or for direct referrals from the Planning Board. 

Zoning Board Notice of Public Hearing Form
Used as a template for mailing notices to affected property owners after applying a Zoning Board Application Form.