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Comprehensive Plan Update
The Village of Irvington commenced the process of updating its 2003 Comprehensive Plan.  This is an important process as it helps chart the direction of the Village for the next ten years or more.  The Board of Trustees has engaged the services of David Smith of Planning & Development Advisors along with its Village Attorney, Marianne Stecich, to assist with the Comprehensive Plan Update process.

Any questions about the Comprehensive Plan Update process, please email Larry Schopfer, Village Administrator or call (914) 591-4358.

Recent News
To oversee the update process, the Board formed a Comprehensive Plan Committee, which includes each member of the Board of Trustees, along with the chairman of the Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, and the Architectural Review Board.  The Comprehensive Plan Committee then formed working groups consisting of civic-minded volunteers to study and make recommendations about important topic areas.  Those topic areas were: the Downtown; Code Modernization; Historic Irvington; and the Broadway Corridor.

After nearly 40 volunteers held approximately 2 dozen meetings over a period of approximately 8 weeks, a list of recommendations was assembled.  Additionally, the recommendations from the 2003 Comprehensive Plan were carefully analyzed.  Those recommendations that were not implemented (or were partially implemented) are presented for consideration as to whether any should be carried forwarded and retained in the Comprehensive Plan Update.

After presenting an initial list of recommendations in July 2017, the Comprehensive Plan Committee sought feedback on some of the more significant proposals. The areas covered and the feedback received are shown below in the Resources section.

After publishing a draft and receiving comments, the Comprehensive Plan Update has been revised and posted: 

Download Comprehensive Plan Update - Revised May 2018 (without Exhibits)


Download Comprehensive Plan Update - Revised May 2018 (with Exhibits)

Comprehensive Plan Committee
The Comprehensive Plan Update project is being guided by an 8 member committee.  The Comprehensive Plan Committee (CPC) met regularly to advance the project.  CPC members also acted as chairs for each of the 4 Working Groups.

CPC Members:

Brian Smith, Mayor
Connie Kehoe, Trustee
Mark Gilliland, Trustee
Larry Lonky, Trustee
Janice Silverberg, Trustee
Patrick Natarelli, Planning Board Chair
Bruce Clark, Zoning Board Chair
Rocco Rasulo, Architectural Review Board Chair

Working Groups
In order to most effectively utilize the resources of the Village, the Comprehensive Plan Committee has decided to create several Working Groups to address specific topic areas of concern as follows:

  • Downtown
  • Code Modernization
  • Historic Irvington
  • Broadway Corridor

Detailed descriptions can be found on the Working Groups page.