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Board of Trustees
Board of Trustees Information
The Village of Irvington is governed by a five member Board of Trustees.  The Board consists of a Mayor and four Trustees.  The Mayor is the Chief Executive of the Village and is responsible for the conduct of public meetings and certain appointments.  The Mayor and Trustees all have one equal vote for the adoption of resolutions.

The day-to-day responsibility for the operations of the Village are performed by a full-time Village Administrator.


Liaison to: Housing Committee, Recreation and Parks, Irvington Woods Committee, FACE Committee, Community Advisory Board

Liaison to: Architectural Review Board, Building Department, Open Space Advisory Committee, Traffic Calming Committee, Tree Commission

Liaison to: Farmers' Market Committee, Historic District Committee, Chamber of Commerce/Tourism, DPW/Water, Town Hall Theater

Liaison to: Justice Court, School Board, Library, Fire Department, Green Policy Task Force, Police Department

Communicating with the Board of Trustees
To communicate with the Board of Trustees in person, each regular meeting includes two public comment periods: One near the beginning of the meeting and one at the end.  Please limit your comments to no more than three minutes.

To communicate with the Board of Trustees in writing, please use the email addresses above or send regular mail to Village Hall, 85 Main St., Irvington, NY 10533.  Written correspondence received by Noon on Friday prior to a regular meeting will be included on the agenda as official correspondence in the record.  Correspondence received after the Noon deadline will be included on the agenda for the next regular meeting.  When sending official correspondence by email, please copy Village Administrator Lawrence Schopfer at .

If you do not want your email to be officially acknowledged at a public meeting, please indicate this in your correspondence.