Parking Permits

Parking Permits

Permits are available to Irvington residents to park in the lots at the Ardsley-on-Hudson Railroad station, Aqueduct lot located on Main Street, the South Buckhout Street lot, and the E. Sunnyside Lane lot. Non-residents are not eligible for parking permits.

Discount permits are also available for scooter / motorcycle parking in the vicinity of the Irvington and Ardsley-on-Hudson train stations.

Commercial vehicles may not be parked in any municipal lot except for the South Buckhout Street lot.

Parking Permit Application (PDF)

Main Street Area Residential Permit

Permits are available to residents within the Main Street neighborhood and generally allow for on-street parking in excess of the posted hourly limits.

Main Street Area Residential Parking Permit Application (PDF)

Letter Announcing Main Street Area Resident Parking (PDF)

Forms of Payment

Cash, money order and personal check accepted. Major credit cards are accepted.

Waiting List

Depending on the current demand for permits in any of the lots listed above, you may be subject to a waiting list. Call the Village Clerk's office for up-to-date information on waiting list status.

Where to Purchase

Permits may be purchased at the Village Clerk's office, 85 Main Street between the hours of 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. Applications by mail are encouraged.