Stormwater Management

As an operator of a municipal stormwater system, the Village of Irvington is committed to the distribution of stormwater educational information to its residents, contractors that work in the Village, and other interested parties.

A key component to the Village's stormwater management plan is the identification and monitoring of outfalls. An outfall is the outlet of a drain or a sewer where it discharges into a stream, pond, lake, or river. Monitoring outfalls will involve inspections to ensure that anything entering into a larger water body is clean and free of pollutants

On an ongoing basis, Village staff will be logging the locations of any identified outfalls. As a private citizen, if you are aware of the location of an outfall, please contact Village Administrator Lawrence S. Schopfer.

24 Hour Emergency Contact

Illicit discharges that effect the Village's stormwater system cause pollution and greatly impact the water quality of the surrounding water bodies (streams, ponds, rivers). These types of discharges include the improper dumping of motor vehicle fluids or gasoline, household hazardous waste such as paints and chemicals and even litter or pet waste dumped directly into storm drains.

If you observe a potential illicit discharge, please contact the Irvington Police Department at (914) 591-8080.

Contact Information

For information about the availability of documents pertaining to the Village of Irvington's stormwater management plan, contact:

Lawrence S. Schopfer
Village Administrator
85 Main Street
Irvington, NY 10533
Tel: (914) 591-4358

Additional Information

Additional stormwater information is available from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation - Division of Water (PDF).

Stormwater Bulletins

The Village has assembled a helpful set of bulletins that provide valuable information on a wide variety of topics related to stormwater management. The bulletins cover topics including stormwater pollution related to pet waste, gas stations, supermarkets, restaurants.

Annual Reports

The Village of Irvington is required to prepare an Annual Stormwater Report by June of each year. The draft report for 2022-2023 is available for download and review. The report will be presented at a meeting of the Board of Trustees on May 15, 2023.

Reports for prior years are archived and available for review starting from 2003-04.

Flood Studies