Adele M. Warnock Good Citizenship Award

Award Description
The Irvington Village Board of Trustees recognizes a village resident who has demonstrated good citizenship and active community participation as exemplified by former village resident Adele M. Warnock. The Adele M. Warnock Good Citizenship Award is typically presented at a Village Organization Meeting held in April each year.

The award is dedicated to the memory of Adele Morris Warnock, a lifelong resident of Irvington and a vital and much beloved force in the life and history of this Village.  For 34 years, she served as an officer of The Bank of New York and of its predecessors.  In addition to her professional and family life, Adele Warnock took active roles in a broad range of community activities, including distinguished service as an officer and a trustee of the Irvington Historical Society.

She also served, at various times, as Village Trustee and Deputy Mayor, and as president and member of the Board of Education, and in leadership positions in the Youth Center, the PTA and the Friends of the Library.  Named Irvington's "Woman of the Year" in 1980, Adele Warnock was the personification of the actively engaged citizen, unselfishly serving institutions and organizations which enhanced and enriched community life in the village she loved so deeply.

Past Award Recipients