Department of Public Works (DPW)


The Irvington Department of Public Works is responsible for all sanitation and recycling pickup. The DPW also performs all street maintenance, vehicle and equipment maintenance, snow plowing of public roads, and maintenance of most public buildings. The Irvington Water and Sewer Department is also part of the DPW.

Sanitation Pickup Schedule

The DPW publishes an annual sanitation calendar that is mailed to all residents at the beginning of each year. The calendar can be downloaded and viewed online.

The DPW no longer mails printed calendars to every resident. Sanitation calendar information can be viewed online using a new tool called ReCollect. The tool allows residents to view their pickup schedule by entering a specific address. Mobile app (Android, iPhone/iPad) or email notifications can be set up using this tool. In addition, personalized pickup calendars can be downloaded and printed.

Project Status

At any time, there are numerous infrastructure projects underway throughout the Village. Please review our Project Status page for up-to-date information about these major projects.

Recycle Right

The Village recycles:

  • Plastic, glass, and metal (+ milk and juice cartons) commingled; items should be empty and rinsed.

  • Paper/cardboard must be separated and broken down flat; DO NOT include wet or greasy paper.

  • For everything else, "when in doubt, leave it out of the recycle bin".

  • Soft plastics (e.g., plastic grocery bags, bubble wrap, mailers, etc.) cannot be commingled and should instead be recycled at your local supermarket.

Learn more about recycling options at