Irvington Re-Leaf


What is the Re-Leaf Program?

Irvington Re-Leaf is a project sponsored by the Irvington Tree Commission in cooperation with the Department of Public Works. The goal of Irvington Re-Leaf is to fund planting of street trees around the village especially targeting those areas affected by Con Edison distribution line clearing removal activities. Re-Leaf is designed to be a cost-effective community-funded program based upon donations and includes a public education component.

Donate a Tree

Funds go toward the dedication of a new tree. A certificate suitable for framing is provided to the sponsor, personalized with the requested dedication text, the location and type of tree planted and the date. Certificates may be “in memory of”, “in honor of” or some other custom dedication. Appropriate native trees will be selected for each specific location. Smaller flowering species, for example, work well under the wires. Re-Leaf is inspired by Bette Midler's New York Restoration Project’s “Buy a NYC Tree” program.

re-leaf certificate-web.jpg

Adopt a Block

Families, neighbors or community groups may sponsor the maintenance of a Village street or right-of-way grouping of trees, possibly an entire block, providing funding for the annual pruning, care and feeding for the trees. Regular pruning could train a tree away from any overhead wires while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing form, thus reducing or mitigating the unsightly impact of future utility line clearing cycles.

Keep It Green!

In conjunction with the donation programs, the Tree Commission is planning a program of public education concerning “how to”: how to plant a tree, water, prune, maintain and select a tree – especially useful for trees on private property which must be maintained by individual homeowners. Tree Commission provides lists of recommended trees and shrubs so as to ensure that residents can select “the right tree for the right place”.