At the beginning of each year, your Board of Trustees establishes its working priorities for the next twelve months. While the focus of our activities is subject to modification if major new developments emerge, we want to provide as clear a picture of our goals as we can at the outset of each year. 

For 2023, the Board has outlined five broad areas of focus:

  • Implementing Comprehensive Plan Recommendations
  • Budgeting Soundly and Delivering Services Efficiently
  • Improving the Downtown Business Environment and Economy
  • Supporting Sustainable Policies and Practices
  • Continuing to be a Welcoming and Inclusive Community

Each of these areas are encompassed in the outline below. We sincerely encourage your thoughts on our priorities and how best to implement them, and invite you to attend Board meetings and work sessions.  The schedule and agendas are posted on the Village website, and all meetings are record`ed and available for view.  We also invite your participation as a volunteer on one of the Village’s various committees, or in some other capacity appropriate for you.

Explore the Board of Trustees’ priorities and specific activities below (or download a printable copy):

Or, take a look at an archive of the Board of Trustees' past year's priorities.