Frequently Asked Questions

I live in a multi-family complex, how does this affect me?
Typically, the multi-family home-owner’s association would be responsible for sidewalk maintenance, but it can vary by location.  Please contact your managing agent or association Board to confirm the details.

I have a sidewalk adjacent to the back of my property, am I responsible for that?
Although most sidewalk areas are adjacent to the front or side of a property, there are some properties that have a rear property line that borders a public street.  In those circumstances, the sidewalk area must be maintained in accordance with this new law.

 The sidewalk near my house continually gets plowed under by street plows, what should I do?

We realize that this is a difficult situation.  If there is enough snow for the Village to declare a snow emergency, then your responsibility to clear the sidewalk is suspended until the snow emergency is over.  If there is no snow emergency, then you need to make your best effort to keep at least an 18 inch wide path clear.

What happens if the heavy wet slush immediately freezes and cannot be shoveled?
The law says that under these circumstances, you would need to put down sand, salt or some other material to make the frozen mass as safe as possible for pedestrians.