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Home Composter and Rain Barrel Sale - Fall 2019
Composting fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, egg shells, dry leaves, etc. is a great way for your family to nourish the earth vs tossing in the trash which is incinerated.  Food waste containing bones, pizza, greasy pizza boxes, meat, etc. and people who can't do composting at home can nourish the earth by collecting and dropping off at the Irvington Farmers Market or A. F. Veteran Park in Greenburgh.

Ongoing on Sundays from 9 am - 1:30 pm: Food Scraps Collection & Recycling Education at the Farmers Market - Please let Anne Jaffe Holmes know if you can help!

Greenburgh will offer curbside food scrap pickup in 2020! Learn more by clicking here!

GPTF Highlights


Love 'Em and Leave 'Em

You probably came here based upon seeing a link on a bookmark, How To card, or yard sign concerning the Love 'Em and Leave 'Em initiative, right?? Good! This is the right place.

The LELE initiative is growing - we've expanded beyond our local roots in Irvington! 

Since 2013, Greenburgh Nature Center and Westchester County Waste Management Department has supported a county-wide program promoting on-site leaf/grass mulching has included “how to” trainings in various municipalities, on-site landscaper consultations, and an informative website with a social media outreach component, video demos, and an updated public domain resource “toolkit.”

The village of Irvington strongly encourages its residents and landscapers who work in the village to adopt LELE practices on their property. Watch this 30 second PSA for a quick overview.

Leaf Blower Education

GPTF is working along side Irvington residents and the Irvington Activist's Group to provide much needed health and environmental education to all of our village residents. Please see these pages on use guidelines, restrictions, and schedule of legal Spring and fall use periods.

windanizing leafs-small.jpg
Leaf Pile 4.jpg

Pickup of Loose Leaves

Loose leaf piles will no longer be collected in the fall. Instead, leaves can be:

  • mulch mowed
  • bagged in yard waste bags or placed by the curb in open containers
  • carted away

Read more on the law.

If mulch mowing is a new concept for you, find out what the craze is all about and you too will learn to love 'em and leave 'em!

Food Scrap Recycling

The Village of Irvington is now participating in the Greenburgh Food Scrap Recycling program.

For your convenience, the Irvington Green Policy Task Force is collecting food scraps right here in Irvington at the Farmers Market at Main Street School!

For further details, please see the Food Scrap Recycling page.

Be Water Wise

Continued access to affordable clean water is becoming an important issue throughout our region. Read about the village's initiative to educate homeowners and businesses about being 'Water Wise'. (Includes tips on how to reduce your irrigation costs during the summer.)

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GPTF Mission - updated July 24, 2017

In response to remands by the Board of Trustees and Village administration, the Green Policy Task Force (“GPTF”) shall advise the Village and put into practice educational initiatives related to sustainability goals and shall provide regular and timely analysis and reports to the Board of Trustees on GPTF activities. Initial GPTF priorities include: securing Village certification as a Climate Smart Community (as well as reviewing other

 potentially useful certifications). Additionally, the GPTF will focus on the priorities outlined in the Village’s Environmental Action Plan, particularly conducting energy/carbon baseline analysis and developing recommendations for energy/carbon reduction targets for municipal buildings, activities, and vehicular assets. The GPTF shall also play a lead role in community engagement and education, particularly continued LELE (leaf management), leaf blower regulations, home composting education, and stormwater / stream management education.


We are always looking for volunteers to help with our initiatives. If you are interested, please email us!

Steering Committee:

  • MJ Wilson 
  • Leola Specht 
  • Anne Jaffe Holmes 
  • Anne Altman
  • Mark Gilliland (Village Board liaison)


  • Jasena Sareil
  • Jan Blaire 
  • Nikki Coddington 
  • Liz Dreaper  
  • Judy Frimer 
  • Francis O’Shea 
  • Rebecca Pelletier 
  • Jeany van der Spuy 
  • Jessica Munzel 
  • Sophia Vatakis 
  • Nicole Radlauer 
  • Kathryn Walker Hyams 
  • Fiona Larsen
  • Taylor Larsen
  • 9 elementary school aged Junior GPTF "Recycle Squad" Members