2011 Award Recipient - Barbara Sciulli

At the June 20, 2011 Village Board meeting, Mayor Brian Smith presented the 2011 Adele Warnock Good Citizenship Award to Barbara Sciulli.

Barbara Sciulli is the all-time heavy-lifter in Irvington. This means that for many decades she has quietly given Irvington her time, knowledge and skills with great generosity and dedication. Her special talents find expression in work as curator of the Irvington Historical Society and as coordinator and provider of costumes for the musicals at the Irvington Town Hall Theater and the High School.

By the way, her costume work is often literally heavy-lifting and usually involves making period clothes and outfitting large numbers of performers. The end results have been memorable events of great splendor and perfection.

As curator of the Historical Society, Barbara installs fascinating exhibits of many subjects and trains other Society members in the “Art of the Exhibit”. As curator, she takes care of a varied group of local historic treasures, but her main love and scholarship are given to antique clothes.

Once, a kind citizen donated a large collection of dresses from the 18th century through the early 20th century. Barbara Sciulli greeted each garment with enthusiasm and immediately refreshed each piece, studied, dated and catalogued them, even noting the styles of stitching and construction.

Simply put … She is a complete expert!