2011-12 Priorities

Set forth below are the priorities of the Village of Irvington for fiscal year 2011-12. This is not intended as an exhaustive list of matters we hope to address as there are many operational and ongoing matters that have not been listed. However, this list is intended to focus the Board and staff on issues of importance.

Project Name
Anticipated Start Date
1. Complete and implement a revised Waterfront Zoning district with wide public support.In Process
2. Support the affordable housing goals of the County.In Process
a. Adopt the County’s model legislation for inclusionary zoning.In Process
b. Advance potential projects on a County level.In Process
c. Support the creation of an Affordable Housing Committee.Jul. 2011
3. Simplify, yet strengthen, the building and renovation approval process.In Process
a. Implement the Mayor’s Advisory Task Force and increase outreach from the Mayor’s office to business or prospective businesses.In Process
b. Encourage green building practices within the Village code.Jan. 2012
c. Publish plain-English guide to building and renovation approval process.Jan. 2012
4. Protect and preserve the historic character of the Village.Sep. 2011
a. Create an Historic District Committee to study the implementation of an Historic District.Sep. 2011
b. Develop historic guidelines throughout the Village.Sep. 2012
c. Develop measures to protect historic structures from demolition throughout the Village.Jan. 2012
d. Support and complete the historic reconstruction of the Tiffany Room in Village Hall.In Process
e. Update the code governing signs throughout the Village.In Process
f. Complete a study of the condition of the Village Hall exterior.In Process
5. Implement flood control projects and actions as recommended by the recently-completed flood study.In Process
a. Seek funding to implement flood control measures at Hudson View Park.In Process
b. Review quarterly status reports of funding progress for flood control measures.Oct. 2011
6. Review the 2003 Comprehensive Plan to ensure it is relevant and up-to-date, focusing particular attention on the appropriateness of the Village’s zoning districts.In Process
a. Encourage parties to work to a solution to the traffic issues created by Mercy College.In Process
b. Monitor sales of large institutional properties in the Village: Abbott House and Foundation for Economic Education.In Process
7. Enhance and integrate recreational opportunities.In Process
a. Complete construction of the Nature Center and begin programming.In Process
b. Incorporate the Nature Center into an integrated approach to the Trailways System, the Irvington Woods, and the Reservoir, with particular attention to increasing the utilization of these resources while protecting the natural environment.Jun. 2012
c. Complete kayak ramp / storage yard improvements in Scenic Hudson Park.In Process
8. Complete outstanding Capital Projects.In Process
a. A study of the spatial requirements for the Fire Department.Sep. 2011
b. Bridge Street water main improvement project.In Process
c. Mountain Road water tank refurbishment.In Process
d. Safe Routes to School sidewalk enhancement project.In Process
e. Village Hall exterior condition study.Sep. 2011
9. Manage Village finances in a fiscally prudent manner resulting in the highest level of services at the lowest possible cost to the taxpayer.In Process
a. Develop multi-year budgets for both operating and capital budgets.Sep. 2011
b. Identify strategies to affect long-term, structural cost savings along with short-term budget refinements throughout the Village operations while providing essential and important municipal services of the highest quality. Engage in public discussion about cost-saving ideas as early as possible.In Process
c. Implement energy efficiencies throughout all Village buildings and utilize sustainable practices as much as possible.Oct. 2011
d. Enhance court revenue through the use of local Vehicle & Traffic codes.Aug. 2011
e. Reduce (or fully justify) all overtime, particularly weekend overtime in the Department of Public Works.In Process
f. Seek Payments in Lieu of Taxes (PILOTs) to offset the cost of government services provided to tax-exempt properties.In Process
g. Seek external grant money.In Process
h. Create a fund raising committee responsible for organizing and conducting fund raising events.Jul. 2011
i. Encourage meaningful public participation in the budget process earlier in the budget cycle.In Process
j. Conclude negotiations with both unions representing Public Works / Parks and Police.In Process
10. Revitalize Main Street.In Process
a. Improve signage at key locations in the business district.Jun. 2012
b. Create and implement an integrated streetscape for the Main Street area.Jun. 2012
11. Update the tree preservation code.In Process