Housing Committee

Mission Statement
In order to further the achievement and advancement of local and regional needs, the Irvington Housing Committee is determined to make and keep housing available to moderate income individuals and families, including seniors and people with disabilities, in order to make Irvington a more diverse and vibrant community. 

To that end the mission of the Irvington Housing Committee is to:

  • Engage the community in ways that encourage meaningful support for affordable housing;
  • Review land use policies and legislation to encourage meaningful development of affordable housing;
  • Work with policy leaders to ensure that present and future policies further these goals, and
  • Assist in the identification and development of potential sites for affordable housing that preserve the character of the Village.

Peter Bernstein
Deborah Flock
Larry Lonky (liaison to Village Board)
Susan Robinson
Karen Schatzel
Thom Thacker

Advisors: Melvyn Tanzman, Rose Noonan