Food Scraps and Yard Waste

Check out the GPTF News Flash page for an update on Food Scrap Recycling Locations during COVID-19.

The village pays around $29.28 per ton of solid waste (plus DPW staff labor) delivered for disposal by the Westchester Waste Management District. Since 2012, the Green Policy Task Force has been active in defining ways for the village to "divert" organic waste from our solid waste stream, in addition to those materials that can already be directly recycled (such as glass, cans, paper, cardboard).

So far, initiatives include:
  • Leaf mulching (Love "Em and Leave ’Em)
  • Leaf Bagging (See DPW page on this topic)
  • Composting Education (How to demos and compost bin sales)
  • Food Scrap Recycling

In addition to operational cost savings, these initiatives provide significant environmental and sustainability benefits, as well. 

The sub-pages within this section provide further details.