Slow Down Irvington Initiative

“The quality of life here, the special character of our Village”

Our neighbors and friends in Irvington – whether long-time or more recently arrived residents – repeatedly emphasize how much they value these distinctive attributes of our small Hudson River community, and how important it is to preserve them. Of course, the quality of life and special character of our Village depend heavily on the sense of physical security it offers. And nothing is more important to our safety than the driving behavior of those who live, work or visit here.

That is why the Board of Trustees has been working with our police officers to intensify enforcement of traffic laws. We also have undertaken a series of design and construction projects that will enhance safety for pedestrians and drivers along Main Street and elsewhere.

Another initiative of the Board will begin this month: “SLOW DOWN, IRVINGTON”. Its purpose is to help all drivers be aware of how their actions can prevent accidents and contribute to the sense of security vital to life in our community.

As an awareness-building program, SLOW DOWN, IRVINGTON will involve various forms of communication focused on everyone who drives here. However, the most important way all of us can promote consciousness of safe behavior is to set a positive example in how we operate our own vehicles. So, we are asking everyone in our community – including commuters, employees of local businesses and visitors – to follow the common-sense guidelines for safe driving that will be the core or our SLOW DOWN, IRVINGTON campaign:

  • Know and follow posted speed limits. They vary significantly within the Village. Look out for posted SLOW ZONES.
  • Don’t drive to distractions. “Chat” later.
  • Yield to pedestrians in crosswalks and at unmarked intersections. It’s State law. Slow down to accommodate pedestrians in streets with no sidewalks or walking through the Station Rd. tunnel.
  • Pay extremely close attention to children walking or playing near vehicles, and instruct your children on how to be safe pedestrians.
  • In hazardous weather, drive more slowly than the posted speed limit.
  • Visibility of pedestrians (and deer) at night, along east/west streets at sunrise or sunset, or during inclement weather can be significantly impaired. Drive with extra caution.
  • Come to a full stop at stop signs and before turning right on red.
  • Avoid the dangerous practice of tailgating another vehicle, regardless of its speed.
  • On Station Rd., one vehicle at a time should enter the tunnel, from alternating ends.
  • And PLEASE, SLOW DOWN – especially on our narrow streets. Don’t cross the double line!

This new program will function in coordination with the Police Department’s enforcement work. We ask that anyone who sees a vehicle being operated unsafely report its license number to the police at 914-591-8080. The Department will then issue a letter of warning to the owner.

In addition, we will operate the program in cooperation with various groups and individuals in Irvington who are focused on traffic safety, including Irvington United for Education, which developed the exemplary PACE CAR initiative. If you are interested in volunteering for either a traffic safety monitoring or educational outreach program in your neighborhood, please contact the Village Administrator, Larry Schopfer at 914-591-4358 or via email.

Each of us can be invaluable to the success of SLOW DOWN, IRVINGTON, especially through our own good driving behavior, but also by spreading the word to family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and visitors: we are committed to the safety of all who use our roads and walkways, and to the preservation of our community’s quality of life. Show your support by dropping by Village Hall for a free SLOW DOWN, IRVINGTON bumper sticker. Which design will be your favorite?

Let’s make sure everyone can enjoy driving, biking and walking through Irvington!

Thank you.

Mayor Brian Smith

Trustee Connie Kehoe

Trustee Mark Gilliland

Trustee Kris Woll

Trustee Christina Giliberti