Report Card


Begin review and update of the 2003 Comprehensive Plan to help guide our future growth.Not started.
Begin planning to address sea-level rise and increased frequency of flooding along the Hudson RiverNot started.

Analyze, review and propose changes to operations, technology and policies that will upgrade the efficiency and reduce costs of Village departments.Implemented technological improvements in Building Department. Research underway to improve water billing and access to Village archives.
Streamline the process for building/renovation permits and site approvals, and continue migration to on-line permits, forms and data access.On-line permits, forms, and data access implemented.
Foster an environment of cooperation among various Village boards and committees.Invitations are made to other boards and comments are solicited when the Village Board is reviewing a significant application or law change.
Provide appropriate training opportunities for both volunteer board members and Village staff.Village budget includes appropriation for all training courses for volunteers.  Volunteers are informed about training opportunities and encouraged to attend.
Continue to create efficiencies by means of inter-municipal partnering (e.g., group-purchase agreements) with our neighboring villages. Village piggy-backed a contract with New Rochelle for LED streetlight replacement using the new NYS (2012) piggy-backing law. Pothole Killer tested in a joint effort with Greenburgh villages. Paving completed using a jointly bid contract among the Greenburgh villages.

Continue engineering projects to solve flooding problems in various areas of  the Village.Station Road and Hudson View Park culvert projects are moving towards final design.  All other flooding projects identified in the 2010 Flood Study have been scheduled for design and construction over the next 6 years as shown in the Village's 2015 Capital Budget.
Research and implement appropriate “smart growth” policies to maintain and improve the look and feel of the Village. Not started.
Continue to enhance ‘walkability’ of village neighborhoods, including expanding Safe Routes to School.Safe Routes to School project completed. Crosswalk improvements made at Station Road/South Buckhout Street. Engineering design underway for enhanced crosswalks on Broadway and some Main Street intersections. Main Street Streetscape master plan completed. Aqueduct Crossing project funded.
Review traffic, bicycle and pedestrian safety, and implement changes necessary to improve it.Working group of local citizens established to help focus the effort on making traffic and pedestrian safety improvements.
Review and enhance Village emergency preparedness, including plans for “fallback” communications mechanisms for outreach and information/status sharing. Promulgate essence of such plans to all residents and create neighborhood-level network of residents to share information and report status/needs.Improvements underway to reduce the reliance on wired connections in the emergency communications system. County fire control dispatching all fire calls.
Study rush-hour congestion and traffic flow along Main Street and adjacent access corridors.In house studies completed and being evaluated by Traffic/pedestrian safety working group.
Address other quality-of-life issues such as noise (e.g., leaf-blower off-season use restrictions).Proposed leaf blower law tabled.
Continue to inform and encourage increased volunteerism in committees, boards and working groups, ensuring that all of our volunteers serve in an environment of inclusiveness and acceptance.  Renewed push to seek volunteers made by the Mayor and Trustees. Membership in Architectural Review Board is now full.  Chairman appointed for Planning Board.  Additional volunteers are needed on a variety of Board/Committees, but most notably, the Environmental Conservation Board and the Tree Preservation Commission.

Ensure Irvington remains a diverse and vibrant community with a wide-ranging demographic of residents.  Housing Committee has proposed an accessory apartment law which is currently under consideration by the Village Board.
Enhance zoning that encourages affordable housing for young adults, empty-nesters, seniors and other moderate-income individuals and families.See above.

Continue to enhance and preserve Main Street’s historic character while expanding its economic vitality.See below.
Review the recommendations from the Historic District Committee. Pursue appropriate, specific legislation and preservation guidelines that enhance the historic character of the new Irvington Historic District while respecting individual property rights. Implement a public education effort on tax and business advantages available to the District and seek grant opportunities for its development.Demolition protection was adopted as part of the Historic District legislation. Additional legislation is under development.
Undertake a phased, fiscally prudent implementation of recommendations contained within the Main Street Streetscape Design report, including initial engineering design. Aqueduct Crossing project has been partially funded. Additional funding being sought from NYS and other sources of streetscape funding.
Complete necessary repair and restoration work on the Irvington Town Hall and Recreation Center buildings.Town Hall Exterior Restoration Project currently underway and scheduled for completion in May 2016.
Expand the use of the newly renovated Tiffany Reading Room.Room is open during business hours and for several special events throughout the year. The room will also be part of the "Tiffany Trail" that is currently under development using a grant from the Hudson River Greenway.
Develop plans and budget for air-conditioning to allow expanded use of Town Hall Theater during the summer.Not started.
Work closely with the Rivertowns Tourism Board, Historic Hudson River Towns and our neighboring villages to develop programs that will bring more visitors to Historic Irvington.No "Rivertowns" events were scheduled during the year, but local "Irvington" events were run.

Review, update, prioritize and track status of Village’s Environmental Action Plan on a continuing basis.Environmental Action Plan finalized and published.
Review Village operations, budgets, purchases, etc. to ensure conformance with sustainability goals.Not started comprehensively.
Create a part-time position for a Village sustainability coordinator to help perform reviews and create and promote a comprehensive environmental program.Board funded a part-time Sustainability Coordinator to be engaged on a project-by-project basis.
Encourage village residents to become more energy efficient by supporting the use of green technologies and renewable energy systems, including streamlining any required Village approval processes. Not started.
Begin to develop and implement a modern ‘green’ building code.  Not started.
Support inter-municipal and regional sustainability and climate-change planning efforts.Founding member of Sustainable Westchester. Reviewing Community Choice Aggregation and the Solarize Westchester initiatives.
Improve public outreach and education on topics of sustainability.Not started.