Feedback: Broadway Corridor Zoning

The Village of Irvington is in the process of updating its Comprehensive Plan (originally adopted in 2003).  The updated Plan will help chart the direction of the Village for the next ten years or more.  To accomplish this, earlier this year, the Board of Trustees assembled a group of nearly 40 volunteers who held approximately 2 dozen meetings over a period of 8 weeks.  They produced a list of 50 recommendations to be incorporated into the updated Comprehensive Plan.  Those recommendations addressed such topics as: The Downtown; Code Modernization; Historic Irvington; and the Broadway Corridor.

 This email highlights one of the more significant recommendations: 
Zoning along the Broadway corridor

 Excepting the areas in the immediate vicinity of Main Street, the current zoning along Broadway is residential.  The overall recommendation from the Comprehensive Plan Committee is that the Broadway Corridor should remain much as it is now.  However, the residential zoning does not mirror the actual uses of the commercial and institutional properties on the east side of North Broadway, in particular 88-94 North Broadway (Carrafiello), 106 North Broadway, Maxon, Abbott House, and the Rev. Moon property.  It was also observed that if those properties were to be re-developed as single-family residential, it would greatly change the open spaces on those large properties and would result in too many individual properties accessing Broadway.

 The recommendation is to establish a new zoning district for those properties, perhaps Multi-Family/Commercial/Institutional.  The permitted uses in that new district should be spelled out.  The Comprehensive Plan Committee came up with a few uses:

  • Multi-family residential (including single-family attached)
  • Assisted living facilities (of a fixed density)
  • Office (but not medical)
  • Research and design
  • Art galleries
  • Museums
  • Schools
  • Private clubs
  • Boutique hotels
  • Bed and breakfasts
  • Restaurants

There were a few additional observations by the Comprehensive Plan Committee. First, retail uses should not be considered.  Second, building size and scale along with parking requirements for each type of use should be developed.  Lastly, the zoning should include incentives for preserving historic structures and providing affordable housing.

Please consider helping us evaluate this recommendation.  We have set up a short survey to gather feedback on this recommendation. The survey is here: SURVEY CLOSED

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