Leaf Blower Guidelines


 Minimize noise:
  always run blower at the lowest throttle speed and for the minimum time needed for each task.

Protect soil health: reduce throttle to a minimum when cleaning garden beds. It’s better for the soil and plants to use a rake or clean up by hand.

Protect air quality: on pavement reduce throttle to reduce airborne dust. Do final cleanup with hose or broom whenever possible.

Reduce emissions: if your leaf blower is going to idle for more than a minute, shut engine off until machine is actually needed.

Always be careful: stay alert when near people or pets. Avoid pointing the blower nozzle directly towards anyone. Stop whenever someone approaches. 

Respect the community: avoid blowing debris into neighbor’s yards, into the street, or towards doorways and windows.

Work smart: using leaf blowers to move piles of debris, leaves, or grass from one spot to another is often more inefficient.

Think twice: why automatically reach for your leaf blower to clean up lawns & walkways?  Sweep or rake where possible.

Your Safety Matters: wear ear & eye protection and a face mask when blowing.