North Broadway Re-Zoning

The Board of Trustees concluded a two-year long effort to revise the zoning for the larger properties along North Broadway. On June 7, 2021, the Board voted on the environmental determination and the adoption of the revised North Broadway zoning. All votes passed. The adopted zoning and environmental review documents are posted below.


The Board of Trustees has been considering revisions to the zoning for the larger properties along North Broadway, since June 2019. In updating the Village's Comprehensive Plan, the Comprehensive Plan Committee specifically recommended the addition of new uses for these properties.

AKRF presentation 06-03-2019 THUMB Opens in new windowThose properties are currently zoned to be single-family residential. The office and institutional uses that currently exist are through special permits and variances granted many years ago. The Comprehensive Plan Committee felt that it was important to add uses that are more consistent with what is currently there. This is a proactive effort to set the zoning in the area without current applications from any developers.

As originally discussed in the Comprehensive Plan, some of the more significant new recommended uses included multi-family residential (including single-family attached, but clustered in order to maximize open space), assisted living facilities (of a fixed density), offices, boutique hotels, small practice medical offices, and restaurants.

Since July 2020, the Board of Trustees has focused its efforts mainly on eliminating single family housing as a permitted use in favor of multi-family housing. The new uses now include primarily multi-family residential and offices.

Historical Information

The Village's planning consultant presented the new zoning at the public hearing. A copy of the presentation is available for viewing along with a copy of the previously proposed local law.