Facilities Planning Committee

The Facilities Planning Committee was created with the following charter:

Assignment and Deliverables. The committee is tasked with (i) gaining an understanding of Village operations; (ii) assessing the adequacy of current facilities to perform Village operations; and (iii) to the extent a facility is inadequate, proposing either rebuilding at the existing location or a viable alternate location. The Committee will update the Village Board not less than every two months following its inaugural meeting and as each task is completed. The Committee will provide a written report at the conclusion that summarizes Committee findings. The Committee will endeavor to complete the entire task within 6 to 9 months.

Factors to Consider. The goal is to conclude with a single preferred viable “plan” for the location of the facilities required to perform Village operations that is holistic, community-supported and achievable. Although not required, the committee may consider (i) several capital improvement projects that were cited in 2018 Comprehensive Plan; (ii) more immediate needs of certain facilities and Village infrastructure; (iii) impact on Village historical district; (iv) impact of climate change on location of facilities; (v) impact on Village commercial district; (vi) project benefits dated 7/10/23 prepared for November bond referendum and critical needs identified in referendum mailing; (vii) Village’s limited resources and potential cost of creating new or renovating existing facilities; (viii) impact on existing firehouse, Village Hall (including police facilities, courtroom, administrative and building department offices and theater), recreation and parks building, DPW facility and other Village properties and alternate use of Village buildings and/or property that becomes available as a result of the proposed plan; (ix) government grants or revenue to offset planning efforts, facility relocation costs and capital projects; (x) revenues or tax based impact on the Village from disposition or redevelopment of various properties; and (xi) zoning and land use regulation changes that may be necessary to implement the plan. The committee is not tasked with designing or financing new or remodeled facilities. 

Operating Rules. The Committee may operate as a steering committee to guide the project and may establish subcommittees, in which event the Committee may recommend to the Village Board appointment of additional members to serve on subcommittees. Reasonable access to Village personnel will be provided to assist the Committee in its work. To the extent Village personnel cannot provide expert advice essential to the committee's assigned task, the committee may request the Village Board provide funding for the reasonable cost of such essential third party expertise (for example, access to the Village attorney or Village engineer).

If you are interested in joining this or any other Village committee, please contact Village Administrator Lawrence Schopfer at Lschopfer@irvingtonny.gov or 914-591-4358.