My last water bill was high and I don't understand where the water is going?
In addition to the above-mentioned problems, the Village in recent years has had a growing number of in-ground sprinkler systems installed. These systems can use a very large amount of water, and because they are not normally installed below the frost line, they can be damaged or break in the cold winter months. This damage may go unnoticed. Some steps that can be taken to prevent water loss and conserve water are:

1. In the fall when the watering season has ended, have a company service your system and winterize it. By making sure the system is empty and ready for winter you will protect it from damage and prevent possible leaks.

2. When turning the system on in the spring, make sure that it is checked for leaks.

3. There are many sprinkler systems presently installed that go on and off automatically. This can be a very effective way to control the systems, but there are many that do not sense moisture. There are many cases where we have seen these systems operating during wet periods, during rain and times when the ground is already saturated. There is equipment that can be installed that will prevent this from occurring, this equipment is able to sense the moisture and will turn the system off when it is not needed. Depending on the size of the system this can make a large difference in the amount of water used.

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